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The experts at CORE have performed THOUSANDS of studies for our clients throughout the US. We follow strict IRS case law, accounting, engineering methods and procedures required to ensure our clients receive the maximum tax benefits with every engagement.  Our tax team has over 75 years of combined experience in these complex and ever changing areas.

Abandonment / Disposition Studies
EPAcT / Section 179D Energy Study
Tax Appeals
Tax Credits
NEW Tangible Property Regs (TPR)
Domestic Production Deduction (IRC 199)
Hiring TaxCredits (WOTC)

Cost Segregation

cost-seg3-iconCost segregation tax strategy approved by the IRS in 1997 to reclassify specific real property assets that usually receive a depreciation life of 39 years (commercial real property) or 27.5 (commercial residential) into "tangible personal property" that is treated as five (5) year property or land improvements which are treated as fifteen (15) year property for depreciation purposes. Due to improved treatment, portions of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, and site improvements of a building along with hundreds of other components can be allocated into shorter lives translating into immediate cash flow.

Abandonment / Disposition


When you undertake demolition or renovate a building to tear out lighting, HVAC units, and other components, they are abandoned or retired from the building. When assets are retired or removed, they are taken off a company’s books (when you re-light a facility, you essentially remove the old lighting). CORE enables you to calculate the value of these retired assets and provides all of the necessary documentation needed to claim these tax deductions.

EPAcT / Section 179D


If you have installed energy efficiency equipment such as lighting, mechanical and building envelope, you may be eligible to receive $.60 to $1.80 per square foot in the form of a federal tax deduction for buildings that are 35,000 sq V and above. The IRS just recently extended this lucrative incentive retroactive to 2015 through the end of 2016. You may also qualify for a look back study 3 years back. CORE will handle the entire energy certification and verification process.

Property Tax Appeals


CORE’s Tax Appeal Services will review your case at no charge and determine if there could be a sizable reduction in your personal and real estate assessments. Many companies pay more in local property taxes than they do in sales and income tax combined. Lowering property taxes by negotiating a fair and equitable assessment is one of them most important steps a company can take to improve long term cash flow. CORE has been winning tax cases for their clients for over 10 years.

Research Tax Credits


If your company has invested time, money and resources to the advancement and improvement of your company's product or processes, then you likely qualify for the Federal R&D Tax Credit Incentive Program. However, many firms are unaware of how or even what to qualify; thus, the opportunity goes unclaimed. CORE utilizes a comprehensive approach in both quantifying and qualifying credit amounts, which is the recommended approach by IRS (Project by Project approach).

NEW Tangible Property Regs (TPR)

tpr-iconThe proper tax treatment of repairs and maintenance expenditures is vital. CORE Solutions Group can help you reduce your tax liability and improve cash flow by properly reclassifying these expenditures. We will identify which asset cost are not properly classified, then reclassify them as defined by IRS Code Sections 162 and 263(a). Deductible Expenses may include: Resurfacing Interior or External Floors, Roof Repairs, Replaced Lighting, Resurfacing Parking Lots, Replacing Doors and Windows, Painting, Replacement of HVAC.

Domestic Production Deduction (IRC 199)

domestic-irc199-iconIf your business is engaged in domestic manufacturing and production activities, you may benefit from having a CORE DPD Study performed. The DPD also called the “Domestic Manufacturing Deduction” or U.S. Production Activities Deduction” was passed into law as a part of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 (PL 108-357) effective in tax years beginning after 2004.

Hiring Tax Credits (WOTC)

hiring-tax-iconIf your company is hiring 100 new employees or more each year, then you may benefit from having a CORE WOTC Study performed. The Working Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a dollar for dollar tax credit originally designed to assist our military vets to find work when they return from overseas. Your company would receive $3,000 –$9,000 per employee hired.

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