CORE has developed a NATIONAL community of business partnerships and alliances within a seamless, in house framework. Together, we become a powerful force working as a united front, introducing new services and technologies to the marketplace while helping clients realize drastic cash flow incentives, energy reduction and meaningful change to our planet. We accomplish this objective by introducing our services and technologies to potential clients within in an organized and effective process flow.
The CORE PARTNERING Program offers different levels of involvement depending on goals, strategy and profession.
Strategic Referral Partner
SRP are existing businesses and or business professionals looking to incorporate or snap on the “CORE suite of services” into their current offerings to add new revenue streams and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our approved SRP’s can now enter into the green business immediately with little or no expense, w/in the core community and framework. We have the team and tools to help train and support your efforts.
Examples of Strategic Partners:
 • Architects
 • Business Professionals
 • Consultants
 • Commercial Insurance Firms
 • Commercial Lenders
 • Commercial Brokers
 • Commercial Appraisal Firms
 • Cost Containment Firms
 • Certified Public Accountants
 • Energy Equipment Manufactures & Distributors
 • Environmental Firms
 • Electrical Firms
 • Green Roofing Companies
 • Lighting Designers
 • Manufactures Rep
 • Property Management Firms
 • Tax Attorney’s
Outsource our National Sales Team:
One of the many advantages of partnering with CORE is that you can tap into our growing national sales force. Our trained Advisors can help generate qualified leads and prospects for your business.
Strategic Vendor Partner / Energy Cooperative
SVP’s are firms offering energy technologies looking to partner with CORE. This is a two-way partnership. First, CORE will invite approved vendors to become a part of an Energy Cooperative. Energy Cooperatives are a team of firms working on energy projects as a united front. We are forming these Cooperatives in all major markets. The goal is to promote our energy platform as seamless solution or total package. Secondly, depending on the stage of the project, CORE can help support our Partners in different areas of their projects, i.e. tax incentives, funding, cost segregation, rebate submission, audit work, etc. Lastly, these firms can greatly increase their visibility and sales revenue by partnering with CORE and our national sales force of trained advisors.
CORE takes careful consideration and due diligence before approving any firm to become an Authorized Strategic Vendor.
Examples of an SVP would be:
 • Lighting LED Suppliers / Dealers
 • Energy Equipment Manufactures / Vendors
 • Solar, Wind or Geo Thermal Firms
 • Local Project Engineers
 • Local General Contractors

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