"We are continually looking for ways to add value to our customers and brokers beyond real estate insurance coverage.  By providing access to our specialized strategic alliance, CORE Solutions Group, we provide our customer with the options to help free up cash flow and lower their total cost of risk."
-Dan Kleiman, VP of Zurich’s Real Estate Practice



“We were first introduced to CORE Solutions Group back in the summer of 2010 by a very good friend who owns a commercial brokerage firm. After meeting with Terry Judge and learning about their cost segregation services, we decided to hire them for our 320 Martin renovation project in Birmingham. We were pleased to find that the overall cash benefit exceeded the original upfront analysis. I would recommend CORE’s services, professionalism and knowledge to any property management or real estate development company looking to improve cash flow and ROI.”
-Sam Surnow


"The engineering reports provided by CORE Solutions Group are the best in the industry. I know my clients are getting the maximum cash benefit they deserve. I recommend Terry and his team to all my clients that own real estate and that can benefit from a cost segregation study.”
-Frank Coppola, CPA


“We were first introduced to CORE and R&D Tax Credits through our CPA Firm back in Jan 2007. CORE gave us an initial feasibility report that outlined our potential cash benefit, based on our business activities and annual payroll. We were amazed on the size of the credit. Being a fast growing prototype firm we needed all of the tax incentives we could get. We engaged CORE to conduct the study. We were extremely impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail and quality of work. I was even more pleased when we received a six figure check from the IRS. I’m very confident in recommending CORE to other firms out there looking to improve cash flow”.
– Cathy Michaluk


“CORE’s knowledge of the cost segregation regulatory process is extraordinary. The entire project was explained in great detail to our partners. Estimates of the potential cost savings were provided prior to the engagement letters being prepared, their review of our records and inspections of our retail malls were extremely thorough. There cost seg reports were broken out and extremely detailed. The cash benefit provided was more then their original estimate, which only made things that much better working with CORE. All the team members I dealt with from the advisor, to the project engineer to accounting were friendly and a pleasure to deal with.. I would recommend CORE Solutions Group without hesitation”.
– Rich Miller, CFO



“As a developer and property manager of industrial buildings, our company understands the significance of depreciation as a factor in cost and tax accounting. However, engineering based cost segregation, which is the service provided by CORE Solutions Group, requires specialized investigation and service beyond the normal scope of services furnished by accounting firms. CORE provided that service to our company in an effective and professional manner – and it allowed us to realize substantial tax accounting values well beyond the cost of the service.”
– J. D’Agostini



“I was first introduced to CORE in the summer of 2013 and was intrigued by their no upfront fee – cost recovery model. We operate several restaurants here in Dallas, TX and spend a lot money on utilities such as gas and electricity. Like most businesses, we are always looking to reduce cost where we can. When our CORE Advisor told us we could get a refund check going back four years with zero obligation on our end, we immediately signed up. About 2 months later we received a very large refund check for being over billed. The bottom line is there are major federal incentive programs available for small and large businesses to take advantage of. CORE is the company that can help you through the entire process”.
– Tom Lee , Owner/Operator


“We were approached by a CORE Advisor back 2013 about performing a cost segregation study on our properties. We were a little skeptical at first only because we never heard of it this tax strategy. CORE took their time and really explained the ins and outs. The benefits speak for themselves”.
– Kris Powell, CEO


“We are very well versed in Cost Segregation and we trust CORE Solutions Group to perform these studies every time we build or construct a hotel property. They have been able to save us millions of dollars in taxes and I would recommend them to any property owner/investor looking to improve cash flow”.
– Jaz Patel



“We are a fast growing commercial brokerage firm located in Birmingham, Ml. We use CORE Solutions Group exclusively for our own properties as well as recommend them to all of our clients that have just purchased or will be renovating a building. Their knowledge on how to maximize federal incentives is unparalleled”.
– Matt Farrell, CEO



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